Head Chef Steven Keys talks about his experiences of working at Momentai

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As a chef who has worked in SK for over 10 years i have found it very important to listen to our customers/colleagues ideas regarding menu items they would like to see.

Working at Momentai gives me a fantastic opportunity to create dishes that entice the many different cultural tastes of Hong Kong, and bring all the diverse communities found in Sai Kung together in one place.

During the 1st year of operation I’ve had a fun and challenging experience to adapt to this diverse culture, and we’ve benefited from the support of the community at large to allow us space to adapt and refine our menu to better represent their needs, and they’ve been fantastic in their response to our ever evolving menu, and we’ve been able to try out new exciting directions in which to take the menu.

Of course some of the changes made have meant sacrificing some more popular dishes, but those cuts have allowed other dishes to be brought forward, which have become instant favourites. Even after a year, the menu is still evolving in style as we seek to fine-tune the balance between our beverages and food, and adapt to the changing landscape of the Hong Kong culinary scene. I’m excited about the future here and I’m confident that our customers will always appreciate the new avenues we explore at the restaurant.

Watch this space!


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