Why 2Towns Cider?

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What makes 2towns Cider special?

Whilst I’ve been importing and enjoying  2towns cider for the better part of a year, I finally took a trip to their production facility for an in depth tour of how their ciders are made, from the orchard to the can, bottle and keg.

Most drinkers that have encountered 2Towns (including myself) feel that the cider is on its own level, quality-wise, and it was only when I visited their cider-house that I really understood just why they are so good:

1: The Fruit. All 2towns apples are either grown by local farmers contracted to the cider-house or grown on one of the orchards owned by them outright. The North West US has massive amounts of fresh fruit, ready for use every year. Granted, some products need to be imported like pineapple juice, but what sets 2Towns apart is that the juice used is still 100% raw. No concentrates, No preservatives, no nonsense.

2: The Fermentation. Your average cider will boil at a high temperature for a faster fermentation over just a few days. Yes, this saves on cost, but the end product loses much of the detailed flavours that come with the slower, cold fermentation used by 2towns. That’s why their fruit ciders taste like fruit, not fruit substitutes.

3: The Care. Each batch is carefully watched by Dave, their head cidermaker, founder and owner.  While Dave monitors the batch, all 4 owners maintain a vital role within the company from production, distribution, and label design. This quality to detail from all 4 owners has been consistent throughout their continued expansion over the years. It’s a big point of pride for them that, despite their increased scale and production, it’s never affected the high bar they’ve always set for quality. This quality has been the main reason that 2Towns is #1 selling cider brand on the West Coast, and the #6 best selling craft beverage overall in the U.S.


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