About Us

Our Ethos

‘Momentai’ is a Cantonese saying for ‘No Problems’ – and thats what we want each customer to experience when they walk through the door.

Our vision has always been introduce quality food and drink to Hong Kong without the unnecessary, extortionate prices so commonly found in the city. Our service also is friendly, informal and relaxed, yet still professional, accommodating and knowledgable.

We want our customers to experience and explore their culinary palate in a fun, casual and picturesque setting; a place where they can step outside the box, but still feel that we are their home away from home. This ethos can be seen throughout Momentai, through its menu, its team, and it’s atmosphere.


We are located right in the heart of the Sai Kung Waterfront, a stones throw away from the main piers, where revellers dock from a range of the outdoor activities Sai Kung is so famous for.

With panoramic views of the surround bay and the waterfront promenade, many an hour has been lost gazing out as the boats go by, as the Black Kites swoop and dive, or ‘people-watching’ the colourful display of people and pets that stream on the promenade.

Our decor reflects our relaxed atmosphere, with a large open deck housing a mismatch of sofas and tables, all influenced by Mediterranean seaside bars and cafes.

We also have pool & snooker tables, plenty of board games, and both adults and kids books to keep everyone in the family entertained.

The Bar

Momentai specializes in locally brewed craft beer, specially imported ciders, all natural hard seltzers from the West Coast of America, and homemade fresh fruit cocktails. Everything has been carefully curated to wash away your worries as you sit looking out over the beautiful Sai Kung waterfront, a breeze coming through the bar and a cold, 2Towns Pacific Pineapple cider in your hand.

All of our beers, ciders, and seltzers are unfiltered and free from preservatives, which ensures a fresher, more natural flavour, but also means that it needs much more TLC when storing and serving. That’s why all of our taps are connected to our custom-built cold room which regulates the temperature of all our kegs, and our bartenders clean the all the lines as on a very regular basis. This maintains all of our products in optimal conditions and ensures that your drink tastes as fresh and delicious as the maker intended.

If you have any questions please ask, we love helping customers find something new and exciting to drink.